Concerning the future of MYOB BankLink

19th May, 2015

We’ve been getting great feedback about our cloud strategy, particularly during our Roadshow events earlier this year.

But we also hear rumours that we’re about to stop supporting BankLink. Let me address those rumours and be absolutely clear about our strategy in this area.

BankLink has been part of the MYOB family for two years now, and it’s become a core part of our product proposition. Let me tell you 100 percent, unequivocally, BankLink will remain a core part of our proposition for many years to come.

That means we’ll invest in BankLink, we’ll support BankLink, and we’ll continue to improve BankLink.

We recognise that the magic of BankLink is in the end-to-end workflow for accountants. If I hear one thing from accountants continuously, it’s: “Don’t go changing that”. We get that. We get that end-to-end service magic. So we’re going to continue to make it easier based on partner feedback. In my opinion, BankLink users will give us the roadmap for this product for years to come.

We’ve also had feedback that, because of the depth and power of BankLink, accountants want to know more about how to get the best out of it. One of the things I’ve been amazed by is just how much value and exceptional productivity some practices have delivered with BankLink. So we’ll be sharing those stories, those experiences, to the wider accounting community. In fact, right now there are webinars available to help you get the very most out of BankLink.

Also, as the market shifts online, we see the opportunities for expanding the segment of the market where small businesses say to their accountants do my accounts for me as pretty significant. I really believe there is a huge opportunity for accountants to grow in this area. BankLink is the clear market leader in this do my accounts for me space and sets the standard in terms of helping accountants take on small business accounting processes efficiently, profitably and at scale.

That’s why we are so excited to announce that we’re going to build BankLink online. BankLink as you know and love is going to stay, but on top of that we’re going to build BankLink online; a browser-based solution that captures the magic of BankLink, accessible through a browser. So accountants will have all the obvious benefits on being online around infrastructure and service management, plus enhanced ability to collaborate with clients.

So forget any gossip you’ve heard and join us in blowing out the candles on BankLink’s second MYOB birthday. The second of many, many more to come.

Since bringing BankLink into the family MYOB has delivered, and will continue to deliver, new innovations to ensure it remains a permanent part of your practice. Learn more about our innovation program by talking to your Partner Manager today. Call 1300 555 117 in Australia or 0800 69 62 72 in New Zealand.