Build out accounting software with add-ons


1st December, 2019

Are you getting the most out of your accounting software?

To grow your business, you need the right tools to get the job done. With a marketplace of more than 300 app partners and growing, MYOB Add-ons has a solution for just about any business challenge.

Every business is unique, and that means there’s no ‘one size fits all’ software solution to satisfy all needs.

As Australia and New Zealand’s leading online accounting software provider, MYOB has worked hard to develop feature-rich products to cover most bookkeeping and accounting needs.

While many businesses do use these products in isolation, there are also a large number with requirements that reach well beyond the capability of MYOB software.

For MYOB ecosystem partner manager Nigel Tiley, there’s a huge opportunity to build on the solution MYOB offers.

“While MYOB develops cutting edge software that focuses on bookkeeping and accounting needs, we also have a host of app partners that extend those solutions,” said Tiley.

“As a result, we now have an ecosystem of more than 300 app partners, enabling our customers to create a bespoke suite of business management tools to meet their individual needs.”

Apps and add-ons: Finding your weapon(s) of choice

For most businesses, the need to incorporate a comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting software is a no-brainer. Figuring out whether to include add-ons can be a little more difficult without solid advice.

In the first place, it’s recommended you consult with a trusted advisor with a depth of experience in add-ons and apps as a first port of call.

Don’t have an expert to offer advice on software extensions? You can use the MYOB Partner Search page to discover your next specialist advisor.

In any case, the first step to figuring out what type of software capabilities you require beyond an accounting and bookkeeping package means being very specific about your business needs.

“When considering whether to use a third-party app, you first need to define your need,” said Tiley.

“What challenges is your business hoping to solve with technology? Does it relate to accounts payable, accounts receivable or are you perhaps looking to improve your time and attendance processes?

“If you’re able to identify a gap between your current capability and your ideal state of play, you’ll be well placed to start comparing add-on providers.”

To begin looking for add-on providers to compare, you’ll find everything you need to extend your accounting software in the MYOB Add-on Centre.

Introducing the App of the Month initiative

With so many add-ons and extension providers to choose from, it may take some work to figure out which solution offers the best fit for your business.

That’s why Tiley and his team at MYOB are dedicated to shining a spotlight on some of the most commonly used integrations, top performing developers and interesting brand stories with the new ‘App of the Month’ initiative.

“Each month, we’re holding up one of our favourite add-on partners as an exemplar in their field, detailing their product and service capabilities, as well as sharing their narrative with MYOB customers,” said Tiley.

Featured in App of the Month so far:

  • ServiceM8 – Job management with real-time control for trades and construction businesses
  • Kounta – Point-of-sale and inventory for hospitality businesses
  • Tanda – Workforce management for creating, monitoring and managing rosters
  • Abtrac – Comprehensive business management with time and cost tracking features

“In doing so, we aim to make it easier for business owners to make critical investment decisions when it comes to choosing the best-match solutions for their needs.

“The partners we select for App of the Month are really excelling in their respective spaces – they’re the solutions that MYOB users see huge value in, so we want to make sure everyone knows about them.”

Every month, MYOB is promoting our App of the Month add-on partners to small-to-medium businesses across relevant platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

In addition, advisors that have signed on as MYOB Partners will receive information on the current App of the Month through their Partner Success portal, relevant newsletters and direct from their Partner Manager. This means MYOB Partners are equipped with the right information to advise their clients on the best extensions for their MYOB software.

“The business solutions landscape is only getting more complex,” said Tiley. “But with App of the Month, we’re making the decision-making process that little bit easier.”